Friday, August 01, 2008

Lost in translation?

My friend Aseem turns up with this beautiful piece of bengali poetry:

Shabdo jakhon ortho khoje
Hajar kothar bhirer maajhe
Oshanto mon mukti chaay
Ek nimeshe haariye jete, chhelebelake fire pete
Baadhonchhera ghurir moto batash-ghungur laagiye paaye

I dont know who wrote it but having being assigned the task of translating it for my friend, I ended up with this:

when the sounds look for meaning amongst the heaping pile of words, the restless mind just craves for freedom to be lost to reclaim childhood once again like an untethered kite, flying with only the breeze as its ankle-bells

I hope it has managed to capture the mood and meaning of the poetry. Got a nice sense of satisfaction after writing it :)
I urge my bengali brethren to give their views.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weather or not..

Clear sky.
Bright sun.
Sudden rains.

Easy life.
Sudden responsibilities.

Monday, September 18, 2006

something i wrote in 9th block.. maybe when i was in a higher state of consciousness :P

what is the point of our existence?
do we live just to keep living on?
or just to die oneday..
and get inside another life..another death.
Karma..endless cycle of insane reliving.
what are we driving at-- what is God driving at?
it cant be all about a final showdown between good and evil.....and heck who decides what is good and what is bad?

picture this:-

room 254<9th block< mit< manipal< karnataka< india< asia< world< solar system< milky way< universe< multiple universes<...
if we can make a virtual reality system so real that no one can tell it from the real thing then what? Are we inside one? is the Matrix for real?
is human race all about mindless technological breakthroughs and timeless tales of some good shit that someone did someday..
if we are to die someday,what does it matter what we do today?
there just has to be some purpose to impossible to believe that something as elegant and mindblowing as the universe was created just to end in a great big fireworks show.

and i am studying engineering - adding to the number of tech crusaders...who knows maybe the answers to my questions about myself and life are locked in the future.the only key that will open the lock is hidden somewhere somewhen in my life.the sooner i find it the faster i find a meaning to this pointless existence. they say buddha was enlightened, so was it just a stylised way of saying that they kicked the bucket? or did they solve the ultimate mystery? we will never know.
as of now all that i can do is do what i am expected to do. score marks.get a job.earn money.lead a fine always have a choice:study what u people who matter to you.see the planet.then reach for the stars.if something as amazing as the universe is there( as of now for some unknown reason)might as well see as much of it as possible!

Friday, August 25, 2006

unholy pyre

money burns
we fall into the fire like insects
blinded in fleeting ecstacy
we wont see the light
but we will burn

thus spake lucifer

one day in office, when boredom nearly killed me, Lucifer whispered into my ears. He told me that he had to say something important to God and wanted me to post it in my blog (since he didnt have an account). This is what he had to say. God, i hope u r listening.

"we'll finish the debate at the pearly gates u said.
Naive as i was, i believed you.
but then what happened is a long story.
You gathered your gang
when i reached the gates u guys were ready for me
Et Tu old man i said!
u let out ur smug laughter and pushed me over the clouds
I fell fast and fell hard
your smirk haunts me everyday
But the debate is not over yet.
I am no more your whipping horse - life down below has hardened my soul - yes i still have one. The time is up. It will be my time now.
The veil shall be lifted.
the throne of false prayers you sit on shall melt.
The truth will be out.
The original sin was not adam and eve. It was you. You are the sin.
And u have to repent.
Beware old man im coming.
I'll shall not sneak into your palace at night - you have already tarnished my name enough.
I shall walk into your light and defeat you.
No fiery sword will protect you.
No angel, not even Michael, can save you now,save me.
I am the angel that fell and rose.
Its only me who can deliver you.
I have spoken."

move over vogons! killjoy is here :)

another lame attempt at poetry:

i told the wind to tell her that i love her
i asked the wind, what did she say?

the wind tells me, "couldnt find her"

the wind lies to me :
the wind is my enemy
the wind lies to me :
the wind is my friend - i cant handle the truth.

the final movie

as you lie down
no shoes
staring into the void
the movie plays in front of your eyes
you breathe harder..time is measured
looks like you know the plot
the protagonist looks familiar
you even know the dialogues..
the credit rolls
only one exit route in the theatre.